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The lack of accurate information about tobacco harm reduction costs lives every day.


Our mission is to fix that.

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Ray Yeates’ Fight For Life

Ray Yeates is a father and a grandfather. He is a retired mechanic but still defines himself as a guy who likes to tinker around and fix things. For the last five years, Ray has lived with his partner Ruthie. Ray describes Ruthie as a partner, friend, and soul-mate. The two met many years ago....

Advocates Fight For Rights in Iberoamerica \\ VIDA News SPOTLIGHT

In this VIDA News Spotlight, we travel to Medellin, Colombia where the leaders of 11 consumer advocacy groups across Latin America and Spain gathered to form ARDT Iberoamérica or the Alliance to Reduce the Harm from Smoking. While respected experts, medical journals and health professionals from...

What is Harm Reduction?

You already know about harm reduction through the use of seat belts, sunscreen, designated drivers, and helmets. Learn more about how harm reduction has helped in other ways.

Our Mission

The lack of accurate information is now a primary cause of death. That’s why VIDA News exists.

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