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The lack of accurate information about tobacco harm reduction costs lives every day.


Our mission is to fix that.

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The FDA vs. Tobacco Harm Reduction \\ VIDA News SPOTLIGHT

When you see the word "vaper," what do you think? In the latest VIDA News SPOTLIGHT, Senior Correspondent Dom Garrett travels across the northern United States to speak with the consumers and small business owners to gain a deeper understanding of how nicotine vapor technology has changed their...

Australia’s Ban on Nicotine \\ VIDA News SPOTLIGHT

On June 19th, the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia, or TGA, announced a crackdown on the importation of nicotine vapor products. These regulations, which were set to go into effect on July 1st, would have seen the import of nicotine vapor products and nicotine e-liquid banned from...

What is Harm Reduction?

You already know about harm reduction through the use of seat belts, sunscreen, designated drivers, and helmets. Learn more about how harm reduction has helped in other ways.

Our Mission

The lack of accurate information is now a primary cause of death. That’s why VIDA News exists.

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