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Our neighbors in India are facing a ban of tobacco harm reduction products that could help improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people who use cigarettes, bidis, and smokeless tobacco (SLT).

Mr. Samrat Chowdhery joins Rubin Whitmore II in the studio to talk about what Samrat is doing to help his neighbors who smoke bidis (native Indian hand-rolled cigarettes) or chew smokeless tobacco. His group is helping this group transition from more harmful sources of nicotine to Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS). He also discusses tobacco harm reduction (THR) efforts for the female population and why it’s important to respectfully push back against bans of nicotine products that are scientifically proven to be safer.

India’s two most prestigious high courts, Delhi & Bombay, have both stayed the Indian government’s ban on ENDS.

Watch his interview & sound off in the comments with your thoughts. Will his plan help? Should India ban ENDS?


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